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Come experience hospitality at its best at THE TIGER GROOVE, CORBETT RESORT.

6 rooms available

Palm Groove Family Suite

Huge double rooms with equally extensive balconies. Watch sunsets together or just enjoy nature in these beautiful nests.

Palm Groove Deluxe

A contemporary room with that feel of staying in the Corbett. Front lawns are great conversation areas.

Palm Groove Super Deluxe

Spacious and bright these rooms over look the gardens. Watching kids play is a treat not to be missed.

Mango Groove Huts

Discover this modern room with superior facilities, an added lounge sofa bed along with a king size bed makes it super comfy.

Mango Groove Tranquil

An ideal resting place with beautiful views of the adjacent mango groove. Attached personal balconies add an aura of comfort.

Mango Groove Cottages

Exclusivity and comfort at all times. Enjoy highest degree of relaxation in our premier cottages, just perfect for a family of four.

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